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CFIS secd.lsa.noServers: None of the LSA servers configured


I inherited a bit of a mess and have been trying to get a network up to date from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2019. I got to the NetApp server today and removed the current domain controller from the CFIS configuration and add all the new information for the new domain contorller. Once I tried to join it to the domain I get success but it fails and states it is have a LSA issue. Tried enabling SMBv1 to see if that would rectify the problem and it didn't. I then checked the SMB configuration on the NetApp and this is what it spit out at me:


Kerberos Clock Skew: - minutes
Kerberos Ticket Age: - hours
Kerberos Renewal Age: - days
Kerberos KDC Timeout: - seconds
Is Signing Required: -
Is Password Complexity Required: -
Use start_tls for AD LDAP connection: false
Is AES Encryption Enabled: false
LM Compatibility Level: lm-ntlm-ntlmv2-krb
Is SMB Encryption Required: -
Client Session Security: none


I tried to add SMB2 and 3 via the advance privilege settings but they don't exist. I'm guessing this NetApp I inherited with this network has never been updated which is why I can't enable SMB2 or 3. I even tried to enable 1 and nothing. Not sure what to do from here and I can't add it back to the old domain I'm getting all kinds of new errors.


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