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Clean aggregate


Hello friends,


I have a question to see if you can help me. I have a FAS2552. I see that I have a space alert on the aggregate or aggr0_1 drive and I see that this at 98% this drive is 320GB and is almost Full. Could you tell me how I can do to clean up the space.





If I can see that it is the footprint, I would like to know how I can do if I can clean it or if I have to do something else. Also, what does it mean to clean the footprint and what does it mean for me?








could please Post the Output of vol show?


Aggr0 is normaly your Root Aggr, check the Root Volumes - For clean up space in Root Volumes use this guide:


Hello @Fabian1993 


Aggregate Size Available Used% State #Vols Nodes RAID Status
--------- -------- --------- ----- ------- ------ ---------------- ------------
aggr0 368.4GB 17.85GB 95% online 1 ClusterContingen raid_dp,
cia-01 normal

Aggregate : aggr0

Feature Used Used%
-------------------------------- ---------- ------
Volume Footprints 350.6GB 90%
Aggregate Metadata 14.01MB 0%
Snapshot Reserve 19.39GB 5%
Total Used 370.0GB 95%

Total Physical Used 62.86GB 16%


I'm enclosing, as far as I can see what takes up space is Volume Footprints, can you delete this data? what is their function?



Use df -h to show the volume in Detailed list. Aggr0 is the Root Aggregate of Data ONTAP, in that Aggr is the root volume (vol0) located, you can free up Space in the Root Volume with the Introduction I posted.. You can't free up Space in that Volume as you want, because this Aggr and Volume are necesssary for the System.



I did according to the URL. But I see that I do not recover space. what else could I do. there were no .trc files.


Cluster1::> system node coredump show
This table is currently empty.


Cluster1::> system node run -node Cluster1-01
Type 'exit' or 'Ctrl-D' to return to the CLI
Cluster1-01> priv set advanced
Warning: These advanced commands are potentially dangerous; use
them only when directed to do so by NetApp

Cluster1-01*> snap delete vol0 nightly.1
Cluster1-01*> snap list
Volume vol0

%/used %/total date name
---------- ---------- ------------ --------
0% ( 0%) 0% ( 0%) Oct 14 12:00 hourly.0
0% ( 0%) 0% ( 0%) Oct 14 08:00 hourly.1
7% ( 7%) 1% ( 1%) Oct 14 00:00 nightly.0
7% ( 0%) 1% ( 0%) Oct 13 20:00 hourly.2
7% ( 0%) 1% ( 0%) Oct 13 16:00 hourly.3
7% ( 0%) 1% ( 0%) Oct 13 12:00 hourly.4
7% ( 0%) 1% ( 0%) Oct 13 08:00 hourly.5
Cluster1-01*> snap delete vol0 hourly.5
Cluster1-01*> snap delete vol0 hourly.4
Cluster1-01*> snap delete vol0 hourly.3
Cluster1-01*> snap delete vol0 hourly.2





Post the Output from df -h and volume show - the Volumes take the Space in your aggregate if the volumes not full you are fine!