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Conversion of Thin Lun to Think and volume space


Hi ,


We are having the thin boot luns under the thin volume and volume is snapshot enabled, so in some scenario when the snapshot happenes on the volume, and it occupy the space so Lun comes in space-error mode as they does not have required space to perform the operation due to lack of space.


To over come this one, we are planning to convert the Lun from thin to thik, but here i need to understand on the below point.


If the volume which is containg the think Lun (After the conversion) becomes full due to the snapshots then will there be any impact on the performance of the Boot Lun (Which is think), so any of have any guidance for such activity in above scenario.




Thanks in advance.








If your volume is 100% full, it will go offline! When snapshots and the thick lun are fighting for space at some time the volume will prevent you from dataloss and go offline (including the lun)

You can prevent your volume to go offline in two ways.


Enable volume autogrow and/or enable snapshot autodelete.


In case of too much data and snapshots the volume will grow automatically. Is snapshot autodelete is enabled, the volume will prevent itself from going offline by deleting snapshots. 


Kind regards



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