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DS4243 - PCM8003 Rev.5 - Dell R610/710

I have a couple Del R610s and an R710.  I want to connect to a DS4243, so I get a PMC8003 rev.3.  When I installed it, I got a PCI bus error and Ubunto gave a generic hhardware error and wouldn't boot.  I tried this on all three systems.  Then I replaced the card with a PMC8003 rev.5 do to others on the Internet having an issue.  Same problem on all three servers. 

Just in case, I connected teh DS4243 to the PMC8003 to see if the Dell raid controller would see the disks anyway and they do not.

How do I get the card not to through the bus error? 
If the PMC8003 rev.5 won't work, what other card will?


Re: DS4243 - PCM8003 Rev.5 - Dell R610/710

Hi there!


These cards are not designed or intended for use in anything other than our storage controllers, so unfortunately we don't maintain any sort of documentation for their use in regular servers.


The folks at might be able to help.

Re: DS4243 - PCM8003 Rev.5 - Dell R610/710

ok.  Forget the card.  Now to the second question I asked.  What card can I use to conenct to the disk array?  How can I connect a dell r710 to the DS4243?

Re: DS4243 - PCM8003 Rev.5 - Dell R610/710

Same answer here unfortunately - the disk shelves are only intended for use with our storage controllers. Any other use is not something we maintain documentation, or compliance certification for.

Re: DS4243 - PCM8003 Rev.5 - Dell R610/710

Thank you.  I appriciate you getting back to me.

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