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Edit a netgroup file in Cmode

Hi all,


This might be a stupide question, but I cannot find anything relative to this.

I want to update a netgroup. the common way is to upload the file into the SVM but:

- I cannot find a way to get the netgroup file in a way I could update it easily

- I cannot find a way to update the file on the controller (the way we did in 7 mode)

- no way to do it on GUI


so I will need to reconstruct the file, which might be source of error and waste of time. Is there a tricky way to do it ?


Thanks for your help,


Re: Edit a netgroup file in Cmode

Netgroups in cdot are a pain. I wouldn't bother with them personally. What is it that you're trying to do that you can't do with export policies?

Re: Edit a netgroup file in Cmode



Thanks for your feedback! Yes you are right. I ended up with editing the file then upload it to the SVM.

The purpose of netgroup was to export NFS datastore to multiple ESX with only one reference (the netgroup) in the export policy.

Re: Edit a netgroup file in Cmode

That is the proper way to update a local netgroup file to ONTAP.  You can also use LDAP to store netgroups.  That is a little easier as that is centralized management.

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