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HSM Solution for PB scale


We've got a few PB stored on NetApp FAS platforms and this is made available via SMB & NFS.  We'd like to retain most of the data on spinning disk but move the colder stuff onto cheaper, commodity storage.   Pushing stuff to off-prem S3 / cloud is just not affordable as we have our own datacentre and high bandwidth requirements.


Does anyone have any suggestions for an HSM solution that would help with this ?  In needs to be affordable at these scales and not push us into a pricing range which is comparable to buying more hardware.




I've worked with one of my customers with a similar multi-petabyte environment (higher education) who had similar hopes. They got pricing from two vendors - one who did an "in data path" solution, and one did an "outside data path" solution.


The licensing for both was per terabyte, per year. They looked at those prices, added to the price of "commodity" hardware capable of storing several petabytes.. and it was cheaper to just buy FAS shelves.


Your mileage may vary, but.. I don't suggest you hold your breath. I know one of our US higher ed customers has elected to use this sort of software, but they do it for data management, not to reduce costs primarily.