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Hot swapping an iom on a SAS shelf


A SAS shelf in my environment has an Amber light next to the iom in the right side. The NetApp support person told me the replacement can be hot swapped and there is no down time. Anyone have any experience with that? Anything I need to watch out for? Should I create an outage?


I've been burned before by bad advice from tech support so want to cover all bases.


Re: Hot swapping an iom on a SAS shelf


Assuming that this is the only problem and that the SAS cabling is otherwise correct, and all the other SAS cables are correctly patched and inserted, it works fine. Hopefully the support person has checked this with you, but if not, call back and provide your case number and ask them to help you check.


Best not to ask why - but ensure the time between removal of the old one and reinsertion of the new one is between 30 and 65 seconds. Since the current one is failed, it isn’t critical, but aim for 45 seconds 🙂

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