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KMIP and ontap integration




I am looking for some help in regards to integrating ontap with External KMIP server for encryption.


I have setup the external KMIP server to store the encryption keys created by ontap.

The client certificate which needs to be installed on ontap, i have got that signed with the intermediate CA not the Root CA.


I know the procedure in case, the client certificate is signed by Root CA.


I don't know if the Intermediate CA can be used for authentication on ontap for KMIP

If anyone knows what is the procedure in case of using the Intermediate CA for Authenication please let me know.


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Re: KMIP and ontap integration


Hi there!


You install the intermediate CA pubkey as you would any other certificate - using "security certificate install", as detailed at


If you are converting or modifying a system already in production, I suggest you contact NetApp Support for guidance, but this is the general procedure for using chained trust certificates.


Hope this helps!

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