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Netapp Mini-usb Serial console issue Netapp 2712


Hi  All!  I  need a help with mini-usb serial console cable.   

I have Netapp  e 2712 with 6600series disk shelf. 

Do you know what serial cable i shuld use  to get access to console?  I have tried  a lot of different variations

1)   Cisco  USB-to-Mini USB,  (WIN10, OSX, Linux Ubuntu)    nothing work.

Error   (unknown usb device needs more power than the port can supply)  after that usb port stuck.

2)USB - RS232  + NULL MODEM F/F  + RS232 -USB +  USB-to-Mini-USB-adapter.

and somo more few crazy  ideas.  

I  have asked google a lot but i can`t find any informarion  about that adapter.

Could you please advice what type of cable should I use and   can i buy  that cable online?

Thank you for help. 



The serial cable is usually resevered for support only,  why are you trying to connect to it?    


The cable is just a standard DB9/mini-usb    I recall the 27xx series being 8-n-1-9600 connection settings for serial.   




Password was lost by old administrator.   Console cable was lost too.   

I bought SARTORIUS YCC03-D09 MINI USB DATA CABLE WITH RS232 but still cant get access  to device. 

I have tried  different speed  and key board combinations:

1) 8-n-1-9600 flow control  None

2)8-n-1-9600 flow control  Xon/Xoff

3)8-n-115200 flow control  None

4) 8-n-1-115200 flow control  Xon/Xoff

I didnt get comand promt  at putty window.

I didn press reset button because we have sensitive data on that storage


As far as I know it's just a normal serial cable DB9.    Have you tried another PC? 


And have you opened a ticket with support for the PW recovery? 



 I  don`t have direct netapp support.   Don`t ask why, please.   I  got that system as is. 

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