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Risking of taking down ports in a HA Cluster environment?




We're currently experiencing a bit of trouble getting ports 0f & 3b online on both heads




We believe the issue might have to do with the SFP


The SFP 0f is stuck in Connection Mode: Loop for whatever reason


By comparison:



0e appears to be working. We suspect due to having a Connection Mode: Point-to-Point


A suggested plan would be to take some of the functional SFPs from existing port pairs and give them to 0e and 3b. 


My question is, would that cause an impact?


The current environment is in a active-active cluster environment. The ports are being connected to 2 seperate switches for redundancy. 


Is there a danger to taking SFPs from working port pairs (say, 0e & 3c)?


This is a semi-urgent request




Re: Risking of taking down ports in a HA Cluster environment?




You have the same behavior on 4 ports? 0f and 3b on each controller? That is strange... I would not blame it on the transceiver.


0f shows port speed as 1Gbps which is not supported by this transceiver (4/8/16). Did you check port speed set on the switches?



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Pedro Rocha

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