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SnapCenter Exchange Backup Logs not truncating


Hi All, just wanted to toss this to the community since support from netapp and microsoft have not been very helpful. We configured a full backup + log. Exchange shows a full backup completed but logs are not truncating as we expected. this is a new exchange 2016 environment. any gotchas or anything obvious that we could be missing? Thank you in advance.





 Are you using SnapCenter version 4.1? 

SnapCenter 4.1 release notes call out this known issue for the release with BUG ID 1162598.





Please see NetApp public report -


TITLE: Exchange log truncation failing though the backup is completed
Microsoft Exchange does not truncate the logs even after a full backup is completed by the Exchange plug-in.
Before a full backup is triggered, check to see that all Exchange plug-in nodes are updated with the latest Microsoft Windows Server hotfixes. Additionally, VSS writers need to be in stable state. Please check the writer state using the following command: “vssadmin list writers”. If the Microsoft Exchange Writer is not in stable state, please wait for it to become stable or restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store and Microsoft Exchange Replication services.

After a full backup has been triggered, check for the following error signature in the event logs:
"Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error querying for the IVssWriterCallback interface.(=accessed denied). This is often caused by incorrect security settings in either the writer or requestor process"

If this message appears, follow the steps given in the link “" and trigger a full back up again to resolve the log truncation issue.

Microsoft Exchange truncates the logs only when the following conditions are met:
• All the copies are in healthy state.
• The log file is below the checkpoint.
• The other non-lagged copies of the database agree with deletion.
• The log file has been inspected by all lagged copies of the database.