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Unable to access CIFS shares

Hello Netapp Community,


I have run into a snag with one of my storage systems. In the process of doing a manual cleanup of computers from my AD, it accidentally deleted the Names of my storage systems, and deleted all their attributes. For the windows systems, removing and putting back on the domain has worked however I am not sure of what exactly to do for my storage to resync with the AD. I am unable to access CIFS shares and getting numerous errors on the storage.


Kindly advise on what one can do to resolve this.


Re: Unable to access CIFS shares


Witch type of NetApp have you ?

And witch version off ontap ?


If you are in 7-mode you cna try :

cifs domaineinfo

Re: Unable to access CIFS shares



When i type in cifs domaininfo, I get "Not connected to any DCs. PDC Broken as seen in the attached picture.

Re: Unable to access CIFS shares

Hi Kevin,


As you've deleted the AD computer object you proabably need to re-run the "cifs setup" command on your storage system to join it to the domain.  You have the option to specify the OU to join the domain in, alternatlely you can manually move the computer account to the correct OU after joining it to the domain (by default it will be created in the computers container). Also you might need to re-add any SPN's to the AD computer object to ensure clients can authenticate via kerberos instead of NTLM. If you are accessing the storage via a DNS CName alias (See "setspn.exe /?" on your domain controller). Hope that helps



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Re: Unable to access CIFS shares

Hello Team,


Apologies for the late response. Thank you for the direction however I am new to Netapp, can I get directions on the steps I need to take to resolve the CIFS issue and run setup again. In addition does this affect other settings like other shares via NFS or isci.


Your assistance is highly appreciated




Re: Unable to access CIFS shares

No problem Kevin, 


The protocols are independent, you can modify nay without perturbation on other

for your CIFS problem, tou need to do a new cifs steup to solve your problem.


before any action you need to check :

- Time & date on your Netapp must = or max 5 min betrween NetApp and AD server

- To do the setup, you need an AD admin user 


Begining by the command :

- cifs terminate

Be aware all your cifs sessions are closed now, but if not working dont matter  

- cifs setup and follow the instruction


If you've any questoin during this phase, copy paste in this forum to chek it together

enjoy 🙂 

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Re: Unable to access CIFS shares

Thank you for the prompt response. Give me about 6 hours to perform it during off peak hours and revert.


Much appreciated.




Re: Unable to access CIFS shares

Thank you 



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