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Unable to click the "More Options" button when creating a protection relationship in 9.8P1


When we were running 9.7 we were able to create SnapVault/Mirror relationships in System Manager from the source cluster by selecting a volume and clicking the "Protect" button.


We upgraded to OnTap 9.8P1 and we can still click on a volume, click Protect, and then create the relationship however if we click on the "More Options" button in the dialog to change the settings associated with the relationship, the options page comes up but there is a rotating spinner that never goes away so we can't specify any of the other options.  Has anyone else seen this?



I had a similar issues and its fixed with a web browser cache data cleanup.


if that dint help, you can try to install 9.8P2 that is already available.


Hope this help.


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Clearing the cache didn't fix it (nor did using another browser).  Is it definitely a known issue that is fixed in 9.8 P2.


I also tried to create a relationship from the CLI of the source cluster and got this warning from the destination.  We have had peering in place for years and things look fine.



Node: Osprey-04

Time: Fri, Mar 12 09:38:24 2021 -0500

Severity: ERROR


Message: cpeer.access.restricted: An access request from peer cluster 7839884f-48d2-11e6-83fe-00a098a22fa1 (IP: was denied. Reason: access to local Vserver  is restricted.


Description: This message occurs when an access request from a peer cluster is rejected, either because the request is made to a restricted Vserver or to a restricted table.


Corrective Action: Check the Vserver peering relationships with the peer cluster. If additional Vserver access is required, use the "vserver peer create" command to initiate the peering relationship with the peer cluster.



However, we do have (and have had) peering in place.


Eagle::> vserver peer show-all

            Peer        Peer                           Peering        Remote

Vserver     Vserver     State        Peer Cluster      Applications   Vserver

----------- ----------- ------------ ----------------- -------------- ---------

eagle-svm  osprey-svm

                        peered       Osprey snapmirror, flexcache



can you provide this info from source and destination :


vserver peer permission show


Also, any errors on the source or destination snapmirror_[audit,error] logs?




Hope this help.

Jonathan Colón | Blog | Linkedin