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ESH2 and ESH4 compatibility


Currently my site has a FAS 270c with a DS14mk2 (ESH2) diskshelf attached. Recently, my company purchased two additional DS14mk2 (ESH4) diskshelves. After assigning unique shelf ID's to the new shelves and properly connecting the systems, I receive a warning indicating a "disk shelf configuration error". In the Disk Management window, all my new disks in the new shelves have "?" in the Shelf and Bay columns.

The system still lets me add disks to my current volume. All normal functionality appears to be fine. The only indication of an error is the global "Disk Shelf Configuration Error" and the lines in my syslog that say ...

"Enclosure Services has detected an error in access to shelves or shelf configuration on 0b."

"Enclosure Services unavailable for one or more shelves on channel 0b."

Is this a known issue with attaching ESH4 disk shelves to an ESH2? Is there a firmware update or procedure to fix this?

Any and all advice is welcome!




I had a similar problem on a FAS3070. The root issue was the DS14mk2 (ESH4) had 300Gb 10k HDDs which did not like running at 4Gb. Dropped the link to 2Gb and error message stopped on being reported in the logs.

Hope this helps



Try sysconfig -c and see if anything is reported as a incorrect.



Having worked with a number of loops with ESH2 and ESH4's intermixed - I've not experienced a problem like what you're experiencing (Just by being ESH2 and ESH4 in the same loop)

The standard "make sure they're all running the same speed" and similar conditions come to mind.

However, a few suggestions I would have on this are:

If you have SEP - I would login to the Premium Autosupport tool and see if the "Health Check" is listing a problem and respective resolution for you.

Confirm what firmware versions you're running on the ESH2 and ESH4 modules.

And I would especially advise opening a case on this with NGS support if this condition persists (reboots don't fix it, etc)

Look forward to hearing from you Jeremy!


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