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Add Controller to output and input of cmdlets?


I seem to spend most of my life at the Powershell prompt with the netapp module loaded these days. Because we have multiple controllers, I find myself typing -controller $filers.FILER a lot (I keep my connected filers in a global hashtable). It would be really nice if the output object of all cmdlets could include the controller that the cmdlet ran on. What would then be great is if the cmdlets accepted that controller as ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName. That would reduce the amount of typing I have to do massively and make me very happy

I did explore whether it was possible to add this functionality via proxy cmdlets, but it doesn't seem that it is because of the way they work with the Powershell pipeline.



Hi, Tim.  Thanks for the suggestion.  In fact, the Toolkit's Cluster-mode cmdlets already work as you describe.  We'd appreciate it if you tried those and offered feedback.



Thanks for the reply. We aren't currently using cluster-mode and I don't think we will be in the short term. If I get a couple of hours to stand up a simulated cluster I'll certainly give the cmdlets a try.