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Any plans to publish the Powershell Toolkit and/or NetAppDocs in PSGallery?


I just realized the power of the PackageManagement module. Didn't know that there are *so many* PS modules available via PowershellGallery.

E.g. I could download&install and/or update to the latest VMware's PowerCLI modules with a simple Install-Package command - wow. Was not aware of this cool stuff before.

Even better, this also works with PoSH on Linux meanwhile, also didn't know that.


My question: are there any plans for the Netapp PSTK and / or NetAppDocs , to be also available this way?

Or is there a similar repository already? At least I cannot find the Netapp modules within PowerShellGet .



Two things I want to see in the future based on the direction I see the industry going:


1. Support for PowerShell Core so that those of us who are a Mac only shop (and linux only shops too, for that matter) can use the toolkit and

2. PSGallery support for easy installs and upgrades.


Agreed, this sure would be nice. VMware did it, Cisco followed, when for NetApp??


@Kartik_Gupta, is this something you can comment on?

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