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Any timeframe for ONTAP8 compatibility?

We're about to buy in a bunch of the new 3200 series filers, and I believe they'll ship with ONTAP8 by default. This would be an issue for us as I don't believe the toolkit works with ONTAP8 yet - is that correct? I recall reading somewhere that the required APIs aren't present yet which means nothing works rather than just compatibility issues? If so is there any timeframe you can announce for when this support might be available? The toolkit has rapidly become essential for us from daily compliance checks to automated provisioning so we'll have to go with ONTAP 7.x otherwise.




Re: Any timeframe for ONTAP8 compatibility?

Hi, Ed.  The vast majority of the PowerShell Toolkit works just fine with Data ONTAP 8.0.x (7-mode).  There are a few exceptions (i.e. network config and CIFS share ACLs) that don't work due to missing APIs; those are expected in 8.0.2.  You might consider using an 8.0.x controller, or the ONTAP simulator, briefly as a testbed to see what issues (if any) you might encounter.

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Re: Any timeframe for ONTAP8 compatibility?

Great, and thanks for the quick reply Clinton. We've got the simulator running in our test lab so I'll give it a go.



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