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Disconnect LUN


This is one of those in-between features, I think. I'd like to have the functionality of SDCLI made available in the ONTAP powershell toolkit, or at least some other toolkit. Having to issue "dumb" commands from inside a powershell script is becoming 99% of my work now.

An example use:

Script attaches to SQL server, performs an action, drops databases, detaches LUN from machine.

To do this currently, I need to call SDCLI with the mountpoint or volume path on the SAN. If I don't have those pieces of information readily available, it becomes extremely difficult to get them. SDCLI simply outputs a text, which is not (easily) parsable like the output of any of the ONTAP API commands.



Hello, drdabbles.  Yes, it would be nice if SnapDrive for Windows offered a PowerShell interface.  While the Toolkit is not intended as a replacement for SnapDrive, we have added a few host-side items (such as HyperV listings) and will probably add more over time.  The example you give is a good one for consideration.