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Cloned and parent volume are auto growing


Hi can some one help please its urgent
I have created volume clone 
parent volume and cloned volume are growing like anything with out writing any data over there 
i didnot see ant LUN growth no snapshot growth. even i tried spliting still eating volume space
please help 

we have volume named hyperv_vol which is cloned named as hyperv_vol_clone
2 csv LUNs are created from hyperv_vol_clone and one from hyperv_vol
but hyperv_vol and hyperv_vol_clone are utilizing more aggregate space even though there is no data written on LUNs
I have splited volume from parent its strucking and middle and consuming more aggregate space



Hi Ramesh3,


In a volume split operation, any space savings in the parent volume is un-deduplicated first then copied to the clone. This also applies to data that is also compressed. Both of these will consume aggregate free space. Once the split is complete, the data on the clone can then re-deduplicated and re-compressed.


More information can be obtained here, specifically at the top of page 69: NetApp Data Compression, Deduplication, and Data Compaction 




Team NetApp

Team NetApp