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Confusion with Start-Nasnapvaultsectransfer


So, we ran into an issue where we needed to start a bunch of snapvaults that for some reason or the other failed to start.  (root cause to be determined)

So I took this opportunity to test my netapp ps skills and for some reason i'm not liking what i'm seeing.

I'm running a simple query

get-nasnapvaultsecstatus | ? {$_.secondary -like "*servera*"} |  Start-nasnapvaultsectransfer

But i'm met with a big error: Start-NaSnapvaultSecTransfer : The qtree idle is not configured in snapvault.

So, i said, that doesn't seem to be correct, so  Then I did the following

get-nasnapvaultsecstatus | ? {$_.secondary -like "*servera*"} |  Select Destinationpath | out-file c:\log.log

I figured I would hack my way through this and then did

gc c:\temp\log.log | % { start-nasnapvaultsectransfer $_ }

And i'm met with ..

At line:1 char:61

+ gc C:\log.log | % { start-nasnapvaultsectransfer <<<<  $_ }

    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (filer:NaController) [Start-NaSnapvaultSecTransfer], ESNAPVAULTSETUP

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ApiException,DataONTAP.PowerShell.SDK.Cmdlets.Snapvault.StartNaSnapvaultSecTransfer

Start-NaSnapvaultSecTransfer : The qtree blah/blah

                                          is not configured in snapvault.

But the qtree's are 100% configured...

Ok, where' am I going wrong?




Re: Confusion with Start-Nasnapvaultsectransfer


Hi Josh,

It looks like the pipelining is failing to bind the SecondaryPath parameter properly.  Your work-around would work, but there appears to be white space after the qtree path, which is causing the cmdlet to fail.  Try something like this:

Get-NaSnapvaultSecStatus  | ? {$_.secondary -like "*servera*"} | % { Start-NaSnapvaultSecTransfer $_.DestinationPath }



Re: Confusion with Start-Nasnapvaultsectransfer


Yeah, that seems to work.. Weird how things didn't work from the pipeline and not binding to the secondarypath parameter.

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