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ConvertTo-NcVhd timeout issue


I use ConvertTo-NcVhd cmdlet to shift virtual machines on VMware to Hyper-V.


Connect-NcController $controller -Credential $cred -Timeout 36000000

$dst = "foo.vhd"
ConvertTo-NcVhd -SourceVmdk $src -DestinationVhd $dst


But the cmdlet failed with the following error:


ConvertTo-NcVhd : ZSM - Can't read reply header (line 1) - shttpc read timeout,
took 110.001s, max 110.000s, wrote 1620b []


And retry the same process again(several times), it is succeeded.

The size of target vmdk files are about 60 - 200Gb, and not specified one.


Please help me to do process normally without error and retry.




---my env---


OS: Windows 2012 R2 Standard
PowerShell($PSVersionTable result): PSVersion 4.0
PSTK version(Program and functions in Control Panel): 4.1.0
PSTK version(Get-NaToolkitVersion result):

ONTAPI: 1.31

NetApp Version: NetApp Release 8.3.1P1: Fri Oct 02 11:25:22 UTC 2015


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