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Invoke-NaSysStat vs. SSH sysstat command



I'm trying to get the same "Disk Util" statistics that you get when running the "SysStat" command via Putty, when using the PowerShell command of "Invoke-NaSysStat".  Is this a possibilty or, is there another PowerShell command I can use to get the Disk Util stats?  I want to use PowerShell so I can automate and pipe to a DB to extract at a later point in time.


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Re: Invoke-NaSysStat vs. SSH sysstat command


Have you tried


invoke-nasysstat -Disk *, should give you what you need



   TypeName: DataONTAP.Types.Perf.DiskPerfInfo

Name                MemberType    Definition
----                ----------    ----------
Busy                AliasProperty Busy = DiskUtilPercent
DiskRd              AliasProperty DiskRd = ReadBytesPerSecond
DiskWr              AliasProperty DiskWr = WriteBytesPerSecond
PendOps             AliasProperty PendOps = AveragePendingOps
QueueOps            AliasProperty QueueOps = AverageQueuedOps
RdLat               AliasProperty RdLat = ReadLatency
RdOps               AliasProperty RdOps = ReadOpsPerSecond
TotOps              AliasProperty TotOps = TotalOpsPerSecond
WrLat               AliasProperty WrLat = WriteLatency
WrOps               AliasProperty WrOps = WriteOpsPerSecond
Equals              Method        bool Equals(System.Object obj)
GetHashCode         Method        int GetHashCode()
GetType             Method        type GetType()
ToString            Method        string ToString()
AveragePendingOps   Property      System.Nullable[decimal] AveragePendingOps {get;set;}
AverageQueuedOps    Property      System.Nullable[decimal] AverageQueuedOps {get;set;}
Controller          Property      string Controller {get;set;}
ControllerTimestamp Property      System.Nullable[datetime] ControllerTimestamp {get;set;
Disk                Property      string Disk {get;set;}
DiskUid             Property      string DiskUid {get;set;}
DiskUtilPercent     Property      System.Nullable[decimal] DiskUtilPercent {get;set;}
ReadBytesPerSecond  Property      System.Nullable[decimal] ReadBytesPerSecond {get;set;}
ReadLatency         Property      System.Nullable[timespan] ReadLatency {get;set;}
ReadOpsPerSecond    Property      System.Nullable[decimal] ReadOpsPerSecond {get;set;}
Timestamp           Property      datetime Timestamp {get;set;}
TotalOpsPerSecond   Property      System.Nullable[decimal] TotalOpsPerSecond {get;set;}
WriteBytesPerSecond Property      System.Nullable[decimal] WriteBytesPerSecond {get;set;}
WriteLatency        Property      System.Nullable[timespan] WriteLatency {get;set;}
WriteOpsPerSecond   Property      System.Nullable[decimal] WriteOpsPerSecond {get;set;}


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Re: Invoke-NaSysStat vs. SSH sysstat command


Thanks, exactly what I was looking for and needed.



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