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Could Win2003 see Win2008 Cloned Lun?


Hi Gurus

IHAC will setup a Hyper-V environment on NetApp filer (FCP-SAN). the VHD will be stored on NetApp filer Luns (of coz, the original luns may be CSV).

They will use SMHV to do quick snapshot.

they have a backup server (win2003) and are requested to backup VMs to tape. Now my question is if window2003(+SDW) could connect those cloned win2008 luns which store VHD?  then they could backup those VHD files to tape directly but maybe once time per week.

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I did a testing in my lab.

by SDW6.x ,  Win2003 could see win2008 luns which store VHD.  but I am not sure if it's official support.

the original lun type is as following:

fas3020b*> lun show -v  /vol/hyperv/cluster/hyperv.lun
        /vol/hyperv/cluster/hyperv.lun   50.0g (53694627840)   (r/w, online, mapped)
                Comment: " "
                Serial#: C5CpVoSdGelf
                Share: none
                Space Reservation: enabled
                Multiprotocol Type: hyper_v

when I checked the disk information

it include two partiations.  one is big and with 129MB offset and 2nd is very small (just 256KB) and with 17KB offset.  Why?

I also try to connect a lun whose luntype is windows_2008.  It could also be connected by SDW 6.x.  but msinfo32 found the offset is 1MB.  According TR-3733-1209 (Page40):

"For Windows Server 2008 R2 (including Hyper-V), enter the following at the prompt: windows_2008"

What's the difference btw lun type windows_2008 and Hyper-V?

Of coz,  I still need the official answer if win2003 could see win2008 Hyper-V luns.

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