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Created object on get-NaSnapsot Powershell 4.1 dissapeared




I have one Powershell code to delete old snapshots: Get-Navol | Get-NaSnapshot | where-object {$ -like "smo_*" -and $_.created -lt $3days} | Remove-NaSnapshot -Confirm


My storage is FAS8020 7-mode 8.2.2P2 and after upgrade the powershell toolkit to version 4.1 de .created object was dissapear.


Who can I do the same with the new version of Powershell or where can I download the old version of toolkit?


Best regards




Can you give any more details?


  • Does "Get-NaVol" return all expected volumes?
  • Does "Get-NaVol | Get-NaSnapshot" return all expected snapshots?
  • Does the filter for '$_.Name -like "smo_*"' return the exected values?
  • Does the filter for '$_.Created -lt $3days' return the expected values?
  • What is the value of "$3days"?

In particular, for the last two it would be helpful to know if they work separately...i.e. just use one at a time for the testing. 



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This is the complete script


#Variable of date type which is 3 days before the current date

$3days = (get-date).adddays(-3)


#Get list of all snapshots older than 3 days and delete them 

Get-Navol | Get-NaSnapshot | where-object {$ -like "smo_*" -and $_.created -lt $3days} | Remove-NaSnapshot -Confirm


It was working properly until the upgrade.





Could you also tell us which version of Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit you were using before this?


I tried with the same scenario and was able to achieve the deletion of snapshots. I have tried with just 1 day earlier snapshots, as I dont have very old snapshots. Below are the images for reference.


#Variable of date type which is 1 day before the current date

$1day = (get-date).adddays(-1)








As seen in the images, the snapshots were deleted successfully.


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