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Creating Thin LUN's with SnapDrive 7


Hello Good Peoples,

I am having a problem creating a thin LUN with SnapDrive version 7 GUI. Previously i have created a sdparams.conf file in the root of the volume with the line "space_reservation_new_lun=off" within the file and this has enabled us to create Thin LUN's from the SnapDrive GUI but does not seem to be working anymore.

It is a while since I've done this and could be making a mistake, but would be good to see if anyone knows a way around this. We are using DataONTAP 8.0 7-Mode. Here is the NetApp PowerShell line i use to create the sdparams.conf file:

Write-NaFile -Path /vol/volume_name/sdparams.conf -Data "space_reservation_new_lun=off"

Any help would be much appreciated.

~ Jason


Re: Creating Thin LUN's with SnapDrive 7


Fixed: Turns out i needed to put a space in front and behind the "=" symbol so my powershell command line should be like below. Also in the new version of SnapDrive GUI, thin provisioning is not selected by default and the setting "Do not limit" needs to be set when choosing the size of the LUN.

Good: Write-NaFile -Path /vol/volume_name/sdparams.conf -Data "space_reservation_new_lun = off"

Bad: Write-NaFile -Path /vol/volume_name/sdparams.conf -Data "space_reservation_new_lun=off"

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