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Data ONTAP 8.x


If I read right the toolkit does not work with ONTAP 8, correct?

Could you give a hint as to when the API's may be available?

Thank You


Re: Data ONTAP 8.x

The Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit certainly does work with Data ONTAP 8 (except cluster mode).  There are a few API groups that have not yet been propagated from 7.3.x to the 8.0 releases, such as those for working with CIFS ACLs and network configuration.  But the vast majority of the Toolkit should be fine with 8.0.x (7-mode).

Re: Data ONTAP 8.x

Do you know when the missing APIs will be included in the OnTap 8.x ver?

Re: Data ONTAP 8.x

Hello, Tim.  Please understand that I can't make any commitments in this regard, but I'm told that Data ONTAP 8.0.2 should have the missing APIs for network configuration and CIFS share ACLs.  That release is still some months away at this point.  I think it is also a fair assumption that Data ONTAP 8.1 will have these APIs in its initial release.

Data ONTAP 8.x

Hi Clinton,

Do you know if there are plans for supporting cluster-mode in 8.x?


Data ONTAP 8.x

Yes!  Even as we mature the PowerShell solution for classic Data ONTAP, we are working on supporting cluster-mode.  We hope to offer a preview release in the 8.1 RC timeframe.