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Deduplication with Hyper-v Cluster - Volume/CSV


Hi !

Again, I need help about my netapp/hyper-cluster environment ....

I created one volume/lun for my Hyper-Cluster to test DEDUP, and now, I have a question ??

I win 30% saved with this volume.

But in my cluster manager (Failover Cluster Hyper-V) my CSV not save nothing. =(

Anyone can explain how to work DEDUP in CSV´s ?

Thanks a lot.




This is working as expected in LUN environments regardless of the Hypervisor. Because of the file system installed on the LUN (NTFS in this case) the space saving due to deduplication is not reported. You can however leverage this gained space by either;

     1. Make the LUN larger without growing the Volume

     2. Adding another LUN in the same Volume using the new space

     3.Shrinking the Volume releasing the space back to the Aggr and then Creating an additional Volume and LUN.

I would recommend #3 for the Easiest and most flexible operation but all 3 are good options.

30% seems a little low actually. Were there some pre existing Snapshots on the volume? Did you run the Dedupe command with the -s? It's an oldie but a goodie...



Ok, I try !!

30% because this volume is not a production.

Only a test volume. with 2 VM´s.

2 VHS with 30GB ea...


Do not have to do any Space Reclamation for Hyper-V?

If I use thin-provisioning volume and Lun, do i save space direct to the aggregate?