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equal plus

Hi guys,

I saw this in some scripts and could not get my head around it:

$filers += "filer1"

$filers += "filer2"

Can you please explain that?




Re: equal plus

It's done to add individual elements to an array.

$filers Is a array and individual filer names are added to the array.

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Re: equal plus

so it is the same as:

$filers = "filer1","filer2"



Re: equal plus


Re: equal plus

Joel -

Don't take this the wrong way, but I would suggest grabbing a powershell book from amazon and flipping through it

Also, for general powershell questions, I would use a forum site @ or

Even though i'm just a customer, this community is for Powershell for Netapp mainly

But to answer your questions += usually when you stuff an array of custom objects, and $filers = "1","2" - creates an array so you can do something like $filerrs | % { }

Re: equal plus

I'm already reading a book by Dr. Tobias Weltner called "Matering PowerShell" but that issue wasn't mentioned there

Don't take this the wrong way but the way I see it, you can either answer my questions or not. If you think this is not the right question for you then don't answer and BTW, I really appreciate the help so far..

Re: equal plus

great, thanks!

Re: equal plus

Re: equal plus

Looks good - I'll check it out


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