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Make mounted LUN Microsoft Cluster Resource

SDCLI allows specifying an existing or new Microsoft Cluster Services resource group name to which a mounted LUN will be added as a disk resource.

The New-NaHostVolume and Start-NaHostDiskRescan cmdlets mounts a LUN to a drive letter/mount point but doesn't do the cluster portion.

Is there an equivalent to the SDCLI -e parameter in the toolkit or does this have to be handdled with the PowerShell Cluster modules?



Re: Make mounted LUN Microsoft Cluster Resource

Hello, you can also use "Invoke-Nassh" cmdlet to pass sdcli commands to filer.

Invoke-NaSsh " your sdcli command"

For more help on this cmdlet you can type in.

Get-Help Invoke-Nassh -detailed

Using Windows FailoverClusters module you can add the available disk to cluster as below.

Get-ClusterAvailableDisk | Add-ClusterDisk

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Re: Make mounted LUN Microsoft Cluster Resource

Thanks Vinith.  I thought it would involve a combination of the two modules.

We have a situation where scripting of mounting of clustered LUNs will need to be done without involving SnapDrive.

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