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Disk Limit results differ from get-ncquota and get-ncquotareport


I am trying to have two basic functions: to query a given quota and to modify that same quota.
However, the resulting output does not seem to match


If I run the query command [GET-NCQUOTAREPORT] it returns this value.


QuotaType    QuotaTarget      Volume      Qtree      DiskUsed      FilesUsed      Vserver
---------           -----------              ------          -----       --------             ---------             -------
tree                /vol/test/test        test           test        8                    3                     vserver1


If I query it differently [GET-NCQUOTA] I get this returned:


QuotaType      QuotaTarget      Volume      Qtree      DiskLimit      FileLimit      Vserver
---------             -----------             ------           -----        ---------         ---------           -------
tree                 /vol/test/test test 1048576                  1048576               -          vserver1

If I modify [SET-NCQUOTA] the console output is the following:


QuotaType      QuotaTarget      Volume      Qtree      DiskLimit      FileLimit      Vserver
---------             -----------             ------           -----          ---------         ---------         -------
tree                  /vol/test/test      test                            1048576      -                   vserver1


QuotaTarget : /vol/test/test

Qtree : test
DiskUsed : 8
DiskLimit : 5120


As you can see the value of disk limit differs between the two. Why is this and how can I adjust the query/modify commands so that it reflects the correct disk limit information which shows correctly when viewing the disk limit in the GUI interface?

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