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FUD BUSTERS: Storage Efficiency Edition


Hello Everyone,

There is a new NetApp blog posted today from the NetApp for Microsoft Environments blog and Glenn Sizemore to describe how NetApp tested claims of storage efficiency using FastTrack for Hyper-V and prove or disprove the myth that extreme storage efficiency would lead to performance degradation.

Here is a snippet from the blog:

The storage world is all a buzz these days with storage efficiency, and getting the most bang for the buck. In this particular area NetApp is the undisputed king of the hill. The shear breath of our storage efficiency technologies and the sum total of their combined uses leads to numbers no one else can achieve. This has led some vendors to turn to the FUD factories claiming performance degradation. Being fairly new to NetApp I decided to test this claim. Having recently shipped our FastTrack for Hyper-V private cloud solution I had the perfect kit for such a test.

After discussing the parameters of what would be needed we decided to take everything to extremes. To push everything way past the barrier of what we see in the real world, and see if it would break. Please keep in mind that our goal was to prove or disprove the myth that extreme storage efficiency would lead to performance degradation. We do not expect customers to ever see this level of storage over-provisioning in the real world. This is our point. Even at this extreme level, well beyond any actual customer experience, would we see performance degradation?

For the full blog check it out here:



Nice blog post. With lots of details how the data and the result has been accomplished.

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