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Unattended Installation ApplianceWatch PRO Agent


I wiould like to bulk install the ApplianceWatch Pro agent to all my Hyper-V Servers. Have software distribution in place but need an unattende installation of the agent. (agent only).

does anyone have some info on the correct parameters ?

I've managed to install snapdrive with the aid of the netapp documentation this way.

Thanks in advance,

Erik den Burger



Hi Erik,

Unfortunately, I don't think we can do a unattended install of the agent in ApplianceWatch PRO without some custom scripting or other methods.  We do have a new "Silent" installation feature coming in OCPM 3.0 which has batch option.  Here's a snippet from the upcoming OnCommand Plugin for Microsoft 3.0 Installation Guide :

The parameters and variables

The parameters are passed to the setup.exe in the following order: (do not leave a space between the

"v" and the quotation mark.)

ocmsplugin-setup-3.0_x64_NetApp.exe /w /s /x /v"/qn SILENT_MODE=1"

/w Waits until the installation is complete before exiting.

If you are using the /w argument in a batch file, you might want to precede the entire

Setup.exe command-line command with

start /WAIT


start /WAIT ocmsplugin-setup-3.0_x64_NetApp.exe /w ...

/s Specifies silent mode.

/x Specifies uninstall mode.

/v Passes the arguments to the installer

/q Specifies silent installation with the following flags:

n Does not create a user interface

b Creates a basic user interface

r Displays a reduced user interface

f Displays a full user interface


Also the link to the beta, which I see you've already joined