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Failure: Invoke-NaHostVolumeSpaceReclaim :


I had the customer run the power shell script for space reclaim on the LUNs.  When he attempted to run, he go the following failure message.


S & H are 2 LUNS which failed with message,  E is another LUN and that worked.


I had him run the Get-NaHostDisk command and it returned the following.  The three highlighted disks are the ones he is unable to reclaim space on.  Not sure what my next step should be.



Re: Failure: Invoke-NaHostVolumeSpaceReclaim :


Could you also try using Nc instead of Na ( ("Na" = 7-mode, "Nc" = clustered), as this is an cDOT Luns.


Even though 'Na' also works but you can give it a try:


Re: Failure: Invoke-NaHostVolumeSpaceReclaim :


I would check two other things as well.


1. Is this LUN a cluster resource? If so, you may need to run the command from the Windows node that owns the resource.

2. Ensure that "space-allocation" is enabled on the LUN in ONTAP. If it isn't, then you can't reclaim space from it.


Let us know if that helps.

Re: Failure: Invoke-NaHostVolumeSpaceReclaim :




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