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Get-NaVol : Not enough memory for reply value, but command completed successfull


Hi Team,


I need to get a list of snapshots for all volumes on the filer. However, when I execute the following command the out put says "Not Enough Memory". I have extended the memory to 5120 MB, still no luck.


Below are the commands, which I tried already:
Get-navol|select volumename|Get-NaSnapshot|Export-Csv FilerName.csv
Get-navol|Get-NaSnapshot|Export-Csv FilerName.csv
Need your help on this. Thank You.
Best Regards,
Krishna Kishore Govada.


Hi Krishna,


Is there any chance you could post a screenshot of the error or posted the exact wording and eloborate where the error appears... i.e doe it appear withing the PowerShell console?


Kind regards,





From a pure best practices you shouldn't have to do a select volumename b/c get-nasnapshot will accept from the pipeline the proper vol name


Try this to see if this works just in your powershell console


get-navol | % {
write-host "Volume Name:" $

get-nasnapshot $ 


See if you get output from that


Also - what were your specs again and what toolkit version


Hi Krishna,


I suspect you might be using an older version of the PowerShell Toolkit? Use the following CmdLet to identify which version you have:


PS C:\> Get-NaToolkitVersion

Major  Minor  Build  Revision
-----  -----  -----  --------
3      0      0      90


I've come accross this memory error issue before and found that newer versions of the toolkit have a "-Terse" paramater associated with the "Get-NaVol" CmdLet which prevents the CmdLet querying each volume object for all of it's properties (which tends to result in a out-of-memory error on systems with a large number of volumes). See:


PS C:\> Get-help Get-NaVol -full


    Get volume status.

    Get-NaVol [[-Name] <String[]>] [-Aggregate <String>] [-Terse] [-Controller <NaController>] [<CommonParameters>]


        If specified, omit retrieving some volume attributes, including "RaidGroups" in the "Plexes" array, "SnapAutoDelete", and "AutoSize".  Use wh
        en retrieving a large number of volumes and these attributes are not necessary.


Hope that helps



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Thank You all for your valuable suggestions on this. In my case the issue was with the memory of the server, which was overloaded. I ran the script on a server which has sufficient memory (RAM) and it worked fine. 


However, all your suggestions are valuable and have made a note of them to use them when in need. Happy New Year..!!


Best Regards,

Krishna Kishore Govada.