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Get-NaVol different behavior between versions 1.7 and 2.2


For some reason,  the 2.2 version of the toolkit returns a LOT fewer volumes on some of my controllers than the same cmdlet in 1.7.  Most of the volumes in question are Snapmirror Destinations.  It's strange, but I don't see a pattern in which show up and which do not.  Some destination volumes show up, others don't.

Is there a difference in the way this cmdlet filters results by default?

I'll keep looking, and will post if I find a common attribute among the missing volumes.



It was simpler than I thought.  I have 3 aggregates, and for some reason all of the vols missing in the get-navol call belong to the same aggregate.  For some reason, any volumes in this aggregate are not being reported by get-navol.

The only unusual characteristic of the aggregate is it's fuller than I'd like (over 90% full). 


Do the volumes show up if you use the -Terse switch with Get-NaVol?


It does.  However, I just read the description of the new -terse switch on this cmdlet, and the description does not make it clear it will report a different number of volumes. 

So, is this in fact intended behavior or is this a bug?  Why is not adding the -terse parameter causing different volumes to display?

My second thought is if this is intended behavior, I have to go fix *several* scripts to include this new switch.  This is new behavior added as of this (or a recent) release of the toolkit, and I would have had it default to behaving like previous versions of the toolkit, rather than me having to do something different between releases to get the same results.  I think changes like this will cause your users many issues and make changing toolkit versions somewhat perilous.


Just pinging this topic to see if thise was identified as a bug or intended behavior.  I can't upgrade past 1.7 until this is addressed, so I'm wondering if this will be fixed in a future version.  Thanks!


We are aware of the issue, and are working toward a resolution for an upcoming release, so stay tuned!


Excellent!  Thanks very much!


Toolkit 2.3, released today, fixes this issue.  In order to get the best performance from the PowerShell Toolkit, I would still recommend using the -Terse switch if you are not using the additional properties returned when -Terse is not present.

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