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Get-NaVol returns incorrect dedupe setting


When using the toolkit to review volume status, I get incorrect information about dedupe/sis.

From Powershell

Name State       TotalSize  Used  Available Dedupe FilesUsed

---- -----       ---------  ----  --------- ------ -------

BVPC01_DataR online       240.0 GB 84%    39.5 GB False      108

BVPC01_OSR online       240.0 GB 74%    63.3 GB False      110

WVPC01_DataR online       300.0 GB   33% 199.8 GB False      107

WVPC01_OSR online       300.0 GB 67%    99.7 GB  True      109

From the filer UI

Name:           BVPC01_OSR                      

Type:           Flexible        Root Volume?         -

FlexClone ?          -          Containing Aggregate:           aggr1

Status:         online,raid_dp,sis                    

Used Capacity:       177 GB          Space Guarantee            none

% Used:         74%        Language:       en_US

Total Capacity:            240 GB          Total Size:          300 GB

Number of Files:           110        Max Directory Size:        28.2 MB

Has anyone else seen this before?



Hugh, have you ensured that dedupe is enabled on the volume in question?


Yes,  I thought that was what "sis" indicated in the Status field above, but here it is in the UI too.


Is the toolkit source code available?   I'd be happy to browse it and investigate further.


Hugh, the source isn't public, but I can say that the Toolkit doesn't alter the data returned from Data ONTAP.  The API XML is parsed directly into the objects that the Toolkit emits.  Here's how you can exercise the API directly to inspect the raw data:

PS C:\>$results = Invoke-NaSystemApi "<volume-list-info/>"

PS C:\> $results.results.volumes."volume-info"[0].sis."sis-info"

state                : enabled

status               : idle

progress             : idle for 165:48:27

type                 : regular

schedule             : auto

last-operation-begin : Wed Mar 21 18:00:00 EDT 2012

last-operation-end   : Wed Mar 21 18:00:01 EDT 2012

last-operation-size  : 26103808

size-shared          : 4096

size-saved           : 4096

percentage-saved     : 0


Thanks, Clinton.    Somehow I'm getting a different (but correct) SIS status today.  

Name                      State       TotalSize  Used  Available Dedupe FilesUsed

BVPC01_DataR              online       240.0 GB   84%    39.5 GB False      108

BVPC01_OSR                online       240.0 GB   72%    67.8 GB  True      110

Nevertheless, it is handy to be able to get at the raw data.   Thanks for the tip about  Invoke-NaSystemApi. Are those commands, like "<volume-list-info/>", taken from the Manageability SDK?

state                : enabled

status               : idle

progress             : idle for 07:07:43

type                 : regular

schedule             : sun-sat@0

last-operation-begin : Thu Mar 29 00:00:00 ADT 2012

last-operation-end   : Thu Mar 29 00:15:55 ADT 2012

last-operation-size  : 48383852544

size-shared          : 9495826432

size-saved           : 30564470784

percentage-saved     : 14


Are those commands, like "<volume-list-info/>", taken from the Manageability SDK?

Yes and no.  Those "commands" are Data ONTAP APIs, which are defined independent of the SDK.  Having the SDK is not required to exercise the Data ONTAP API interface (the PS Toolkit doesn't use the SDK).  But the SDK is where you can get the API documentation.

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