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Microsoft Virtualization Discussions

Get-NaVol/volume-list-info API



I'm attempting to write a script for a customer to create an overview of snapshots older than x days. My starting point would be to get a list of all volumes and query those volumes for snapshots.

I see in the documentation that the Get-NaVol cmdlet uses the volume-list-info API. However, this API is known to cause problems on busy filers with many LUNs. (See BURTs 645937 and 531053). SDW6.4.1 contains a fix that uses the volume-list-info-iter-* API instead.

Is there an alternative cmdlet available that uses the volume-list-info-iter-* API?

Kind regards,

Marco Teeuwen



Toolkit 2.2, released October 31st, will use volume-list-info-iter-* for Get-NaVol.

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Try 'Get-NaVol -Terse'.  That has been shown to work on heavily-loaded systems.


But that still uses that API. I don't want to trigger those burts.


Hi Marco,

There is not a separate cmdlet that uses the volume-list-iter-* API.  As Clinton suggested, the -Terse option significantly reduces the amount of data returned, which helps on heavily-loaded systems.  However, as you point out, this does still use volume-list-info.  I will log moving to the iterator form for consideration in a future release.




Can we file the use of volume-list-info as a bug? The volume-list-info API has been depreciated and should thus no longer be used. (see b#645937).

I'd like to have commitment that a fix will go onto the roadmap (if there is such a thing for this).


Toolkit 2.2, released October 31st, will use volume-list-info-iter-* for Get-NaVol.

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Thanks Steven, that's good news.

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