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Getting a snapshot list and comparing it to the snap schedule in Powershell


I am trying to look for a way to achieve the following on 7mode systems:


For a nominated volume (or even wildcard) check that netapp snapshots exist and exist based on a particular nominated schedule i.e. every hour or every 4 hours and if it doesnt see a snapshot inbetween those periods i.e. within 1 or 4 hours then to highllght this or sumarise at the bottom of report in csv format. 


Let me know if you need more info.








Generally I like people to attempt to write a script with the cmdlets, not just ask.  


So, let me get you started a little



get-nasnapshot | ? {$ -like "*blah*"}




Sorry for my ignorance.


I can produce a list of snapshots but I guess I need a little intelligience behind a filter to locate snapshots which are more than a defined number of hours apart i.e. more than 2 hours and presenting it in a sensible format.  I guess I'd need to use access or creation time on the snapshots to be able to filter out such things.


Seeing as DFM cant give me that I am having to look and learn at powershell so again I apologies for the lack of code input on my post.





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