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How do I close idle sessions for specific user from specific address?


Simply, I'm looking for a PowerShell equivalent to the following CLI command:

vserver cifs session close -node * -vserver MYVSERVER -address 10.xx.yy.zz -windows-user mydomain\myuser


We're running CDoT 9.1.P14, but will be upgrading to 9.3.<something> in the next couple of months.





did you try close-nccifssession


I looked at it and while it looks good on face value b/c it looks like I "could" do the following:


Close-NcCifsSession -Node * -VserverContext MYVSERVER -Address 10.x.yy.zzz -WindowsUser mydomain\myuser


the cmdlet wants me to define the SessionID (since we're on CDoT 9.1), which makes this infinitely more complicated.  I want to clear all connections for a specific domain user. We don't care about the SessionID.





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