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Invoke-ncssh parsing problem?

Example to reproduce:
Invoke-NcSsh -Command 'system node run -node node1 -command "priv set diag;ls /etc/log;priv set admin"'
(Replace node1 with the name of a node)


Value        : Warning: These diagnostic commands are for use by NetApp
                        personnel only.

               Error: "ls" is not a recognized command
                 "priv set" is not supported: use the "set -privilege" command.

priv set diag --> runs on the node
ls /etc/log & priv set admin --> do not run on the node.

'system node run -node node1 -command "priv set diag;ls /etc/log;priv set admin"
This does work when run in a putty window.
I think it fails when you use ; to bundle commands to send to the node.

Another example:
Invoke-NcSsh -Command 'system node run -node ncb1-01 -command "hostname;hostname"'

Netapp PowerShell Toolkit 4.60
NetApp Release 9.3P5


Re: Invoke-ncssh parsing problem?


Invoke-NcSsh -Command 'set d;system node run -node node1 -command "ls /etc/log"'



(invoke-ncssh doesn't work for me right now, so i'm not able to test it)

Re: Invoke-ncssh parsing problem?

Thanks, this solved the problem.

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