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How to change the admin password on CDOT 8.3?


With Powershell, is there a way to change admin password on multi CDOT 8.3 filers?  I've tried googling but I have found no answer so far.


thanks for your help in advance.



Have you tried the Set-NcUserPassword cmdlet?


Get-NcUser admin | Set-NcUserPassword -Password something_SECURE!


Don't authenticate your PowerShell session using the admin user if you're changing the admin will cause some errors after the command is executed.



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This command seems to work, but because there are 5 different applications (http,ssh,ontapi,sp,console), it tries to change the pw 5 times, instead of just once. The command will runm, then error out 4 subsequent times.

4.0.0      DataONTAP

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