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How to report on successful snapshots

Im new to Netapp and was looking for a way to script in power shell to detail a report on successful and failed snapshots. I would also like this to be outputted in a simple report for easy reading.


Re: How to report on successful snapshots

Hi, welcome to the community.

Are you talking about host based snaps created by SME / SMSQL type snapshots or SDCLI.  Or do you want to know if the filer is snaping you CIFS/NFS volumes?  The answer to this will say where you have to look.


Re: How to report on successful snapshots

Hi gginger,

Exactly,SME or SMSQL or any such Snapmanager product will let you manage your application snapshots to be managed automatically and allows even an email feature which send you a mail when the snapshot ( aka backups in SM language).



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