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How to set hyper-v cluster in Oncommand


Hi everyone,

I would like to know how to integrate Hyper-V in my Oncommand console.

So I've Oncommand Installed on SERVER-A.

Servers HYP1, HYP2, HYP3 are a cluster of HYper-V servers.

I 've installed Snapdrive on the 3 servers.

If I install the on command host software, it is successful but during installation it asks me for Vcenter credential??? I checked, and it seems that there is only one distribution for the on command host program...

But the installation goes thru and in OnCommand I can see my Hyper-V node. But it is not "associated". If I try to assiociate it with my storage controllers, it asks me for Vcenter credentials...... 

What am I missing?

Should I uninstall SnapDrive?

I've red that it is not supported to have both host program and snap manager for hyper-V, is it true?

So finally I can't see Vms or servers or cluster in my Servers tab in oncommand....

Thanks for your help



Re: How to set hyper-v cluster in Oncommand



AFAIK, there is no Hyper-V support in OnCommand for now.

Did you install Host package on Hyper-V server? may be that is the reason you are able to see the HYP in OnCommand.


Re: How to set hyper-v cluster in Oncommand


Hyper-V support is not there for Host Package 1.1.

All the hyper-V related contents in the OnCommand will be removed in the upcoming OnCommand release.


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