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How to set permissions

Hi, I have a simple question for the PowerShell Toolkit.

Because PS was installed in Windows system,and we may have the domain account.

So connect_nacontroller NASNAME, I got error, User xxx does not have capability to invoke API system-get-ontaop-version.

How can I resolve it. RHanks!


Re: How to set permissions

Try this:

$cred = Get-Credential

You will be prompted for a username and password, type in the information for the account that has permissions on your netapp system.

Then type:

Connect-NaController -Name <NASNAME> -Credential $cred

Re: How to set permissions

Hello, Mark.  You implied you want to use RPC connections with AD-style authentication.  If true, you just need to ensure that the domain account with which you have logged into Windows is known to the storage controller, the controller and your Windows host are both in the domain, and the user account being used is part of a group on the storage controller that has permissions adequate to your needs.

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