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Hyper-V SMB3.0 Share with Ontap 9.1 and SCVMM 2012 R2 without SMI-S Agent: 0kb


Hey community,


we encountert difficulties while implementing Hyper-V Cluster File Share over SMB3.0 on a Hyper-V 2012R2 environment with use of SCVMM 2012R2. 

The SMB3 Share with 5TB size comes from an AFF8040 with Ontap 9.1. We configured a SMB3 Share according to best practise guide and want to add this share to our hyper-v environment via SCVMM2012R2. Because SMI-S Agent is not compatible with ontap 9.1 and Server 2012, we dont want to use the agent. This is why we created the share on the netapp itself and just want to mount the share to the hosts via scvmm. When mounting the file share, following error occurs, that says that free space cannot be calculated:




It shows 0KB Total Capacity and 0KB Available Size.


We tried different configs:

1. On the share volume, we configured quotas with 5tb on volume basis.

2. On the volume, we configured a qtree and configured quotas on the qtree. Share is created on qtree


for example:

quota off -volume smb1b_vm1 -vserver hyper-v -foreground true
quota policy rule create -vserver hyper-v -policy-name default -volume smb1b_vm1 -type tree -target ""
quota on -volume smb1b_vm1 -vserver hyper-v -foreground true


Has anyone experience adding a SMB3 Share via scvmm without the use of SMI-S agent? 


I already found the following thread:

But the quota workaround did not work for us, as far as i can see.


Thanks for any ideas, that could help us to solve or und