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PowerShell SnapMirror Audit Log Parser for CDOT


The SnapMirror audit log provides a running log of SnapMirror relationships. It shows starting, restarting, and ending information for each SnapMirror relationship. This script reads in the log file(s) and parses the information into a usable CSV or XLSX file. The output produces the following details:


  • Source (the source of the SnapMirror relationship)
  • Destination (the destination of the SnapMirror relationship
  • Type (request, start, or end)
  • KB Transferred (produced only for end type entries)
  • Time Stamp (the time stamp associated with the log file entry)
  • Duration (recorded in seconds)
  • Throughput (in KB/s of data and Kb/s of actual network throughput taking in account compression)
  • Network Compression Ratio
  • Concurrency (number of total SnapMirrors transferring during any part of the time this SnapMirror was transferring)
  • Detail of SnapMirror

The similar 7-mode parser script can be found here:




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