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Invoke-NcSnapmirrorResync does nat catch some error and return succeeded


Hello Community,


I'm using PSTK version 4.5



And i'm trying to resync a snapmirror relationship without no common snapshot between source and destination volume

As expected through ONTAP i got the information and it fails:



cot-3-demofr::*> snapmirror resync -destination-path PSLAB3:nested

Error: command failed: Failed to get information for source volume "PSLAB_DR:nested" for confirmation. (No Snapshot copies found on volume

But running the same through PSTK return a succeeded message, without catching any error, but in fact it fails


[DBG]: PS C:\Users\masson\Documents\GitHub\svmdr>> Invoke-NcSnapmirrorResync -Destination PSLAB3:nested -Controller $mySecondaryController

NcController      :
ResultOperationId : 8ec6efcf-1e17-11e8-a647-00a0987fafe2
ErrorCode         : 
ErrorMessage      : 
JobId             : 
JobVserver        : 
Status            : succeeded

Is there any way for Invoke-NcSnapmirrorResync to return the same error as ONTAP when there is no common snapshots?



In this test the destination volume is in RW type (following a previous break of the relationship)

Maybe the problem come that fact : no common snapshot and RW type on destination

Because, in other situation RW type on destination but with common snapshot the resync really succeed 








This cmdlet normally returns with a job ID (ONTAP background job). You would need to monitor the job (Get-NcJob ...) to find out its result.


You could also use the -Passthru parameter so that the cmdlet gives you a real Snapmirror object, instead of a job ID.


Hope this helps,



Hi mark_schuren,


Thanks for your answer


But as you can see i my example, there is no job id returned

Event with -Passthru the command does not return any error or job id to monitor







what version of the PSTK are you running?


With Passthru I'm getting a usable object with type "DataONTAP.C.Types.Snapmirror.SnapmirrorInfo"




PS C:\> $relationship = Invoke-NcSnapmirrorResync -Destination dr01:nas01_software -Passthru

PS C:\> $relationship

SourceLocation                                DestinationLocation                   Status         MirrorState
--------------                                -------------------                   ------         -----------
nas01:software                                dr01:nas01_software                   transferring  snapmirrored


PS C:\> $relationship | Select DestinationLocation,Status,CurrentTransferType,IsHealthy

DestinationLocation       Status       CurrentTransferType IsHealthy
-------------------       ------       ------------------- ---------
dr01:nas01_software       transferring resync                   True


Hope this helps.

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