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Is there any way to see vscan information?


I searched the cmdLets for 'virus', 'vscan', 'scan', etc... but could not find any reference to a Virus Scan API.

If this doesn't exist, could it be added to a future version of the Toolkit?

I would like to run a report that displays the status of the connected vscan servers (Primary & Secondary). We have been having issues with the "McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Storage" service stopping (randomly). I do get alerts via SNMP on this but sometimes they get lost in in the mix of other messages.

- Bill



I still can not find any documentation related to the "vscan" command with the ontap api sdk.  Is there a way to use the sdk-ontap-8.2.1-api to return the same results as "vscan"?

- Angelo


I'm having the issue on the vfiler status, but for the filer, connect -type https then run invoke-nassh "vscan"


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