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PS Script for reverse ReSync cDot

Hi all,


need help by creation a additional DR szenario Powershell script.




cDot 8.3


Cluster Main - CL1

Cluster DR - CL2




vServer: vNFS



Volume : SOURCE_VOLUME_mirror

vServer: vNFS_repli


Snappmirror Volume (" SOURCE_VOLUME_mirror") between CL1 (source) to CL2 was done

Mirror is  broken on CL2

After END of DR szenario i need a reverse Resync form CL2 to CL1 of the mirror volume overwrite the "old" source volume on CL1.


Any idea how to realize this in a powershell script.


Thanks for Help.











Re: PS Script for reverse ReSync cDot

Is this for a DR test or a real DR


You are looking to flip over and run in alternative site and them flip back?


Also, you have to make sure that unless you are using some form of SVM-DR in 8.3.1, all resources will have to get recreated in DR, either via manual or script (shares,exports, junctions, etc)

Re: PS Script for reverse ReSync cDot

Reversing and resyncing a SnapMirror relationship takes a number of steps...roughly, those are:


  1. Check for common snapshots between source and destination.
  2. Remove the existing SnapMirror relationship (use the Remove-NcSnapmirror cmdlet)
  3. Remove snapshots from the original source volume (on CL1 in your example) which are newer than snapshots on the original destination (CL2).
  4. Recreate the SnapMirror relationship (use the New-NcSnapmirror cmdlet) in reverse, where CL2 is the source and CL1 is the destination.  It should automatically use the newest common snapshot as the baseline.
  5. Resync the the SnapMirror (use the Invoke-NcSnapmirrorResync cmdlet).


Hope that helps.



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