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Lun in volumes

Hi All,

Is there any command or a way to find out how many luns are there in a volume?

In my firm, we use to create a volume name propotional to the host that would be easy to find the no.of.luns. My concern is how we find out generally?




Lun in volumes

"lun show" will give you a list of all LUNs in the system. You can then check if LUNs share the same volume.

Lun in volumes

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the info.

In some filers we are having numerous luns (more than 200) in that case it was tedious for me to verify how many luns are associated with a volume?

Lun in volumes

There is no command like "lun vol count" which tells you it has 4 volumes with 10 luns each, you would need to script that.

Lun in volumes

if you dont mind,can you provide me the model shell script for that?

Re: Lun in volumes

Ø  lun show –l volumname (Will show all LUNs inside a specific volume)

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